How to go river fishing: improve your success rate

How to go river fishing
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Want to know how to go river fishing? You're in the right place. These river fishing tips from James Robbins will help you find success…. so get out there on running water during these first few weeks of the season!

How to go river fishing: should you rove or stay still?

It can be difficult to locate fish on lightly fished and overgrown stretches. A mobile approach roving approach is often best so travel light.

How to go river fishing: should you fish in the shallows?

Fish the shallows to start with if possible for your early-season river fishing session.

These swims will often hold  fish as the water is more oxygenated.

How to go river fishing: what's the best time to go fishing?

Long daylight hours this time of year make quick summer fishing sessions viable after work or studying.

It’s much more fun than sitting on the sofa watching TV, surfing the web, pootling on social media or playing games – again.

Target these later periods as a priority – fish will be feeding more confidently than in the middle of the day.

How to go river fishing: what size bait should you use?

Small nuisance fish can be a problem with maggots and casters this time of year.

I like to focus on bigger traditional baits like bread flake, lobworms and luncheon meat for early season chub and barbel sessions.

How to go river fishing: what pre-bait should you use?

If possible pre-baiting will give you a great advantage and result in bigger bags of fish.

Use cheap baits like brown crumb groundbait, hemp and corn.

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