Review: 12 ft Kodex QX-i Twin-Tip Barbel Rod

This Kodex QX-i Twin-Tip Barbel Rod is a sound choice with plenty of progressive power

12 ft Kodex QX-i Twin-Tip Barbel Rod
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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This 12 ft Kodex QX-i Twin-Tip Barbel Rod is versatile and good value.

With an increase in the size of barbel nowadays, barbel rods need to be stronger, and this 1.75-2 lb t.c. rod has a main line recommendation of 15 lb.

The 2 oz quivertip is ideal for light bomb or feeder rigs, whereas the 4 oz quivertip is better suited to fishing heavier end tackle in stronger flows, the white tips helping you to spot bites more easily.

The fixed top section is ideal for heavier rigs, touch-legering, freelining and PVA bag work.

The rod has plenty of progressive power through the mid-section, which is what you want from a barbel rod, as it should help you to keep fish away from troublesome snags without any tackle failures or the hook pulling out.

Perfect for small, medium or large rivers, it’s described by Kodex as “a 21st century version of an Avon Twin Tip”, and I agree with them.

The look of the rod appeals to my taste, and it could be bought for around £85, which is £30 cheaper than the recommended retail price, if you shop around.

Specifications: 1.75-2 lb test curve; a top section with a powerful 6 oz rating; another top section that holds two carbon quivertips, rated at 2 oz and 4 oz; cork handle; carbon blank; progressive action; lightweight guides; screw reel seat.

Price: £115. Shop around and you might find it for as little as £84.99.