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How Advnture tests products

La Sportiva Karacal
We put products to the test in real world conditions (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

 At Advnture, we know that buying outdoor equipment is a very important decision. You need gear that you can rely on for your safety, comfort, and enjoyment - sometimes in extreme conditions. Nobody can buy a review from us, or pay to receive a particular score. We only recommend the tents, hiking boots, waterproof jackets and other equipment that we'd be happy using ourselves.

We test every product on the trails and roads, and in the hills and mountains, putting gear through its paces exactly as you would. We camp out in all conditions, hike up mountains, and cross rivers and streams to be certain that the products we recommend will keep you safe, comfortable, and happy outdoors. As people who love the natural world, we also consider the environmental impact of products, including the materials they're made from, longevity, and reparability.

All our reviewers have a deep understanding and experience of outdoor activities and pursuits, and will aim to tell you how a new product compares to others on the market so you can decide which is best for you.

Person wearing Montane Lite-Speed Trail Pull-On waterproof jacket

We test gear in different weather conditions to assess its performance so you know exactly what to expect (Image credit: Julia Clarke)

Our star ratings explained

Five stars

Outstanding – among the best of its type. You can rely on this product to live up to its promises, and it would be our number one choice for our own adventures.

Four stars

A good all-rounder that doesn't quite match the performance of the best-in-class, but is still a dependable choice.

Three stars

Generally good, but there may be some compromises. Think carefully about where you'll be using it, as it may not be suitable for all weather conditions, temperatures, and terrain.

Two stars

Suitable for some casual use, but we wouldn't rely on it in challenging conditions. There are better options that will serve you better in the long run.

One star

Not recommended. We wouldn't advise buying this product, and it's probably not worth the investment even if you see it at a steep discount. 

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