Review: Corus Advanced Bait Boilies

The Corus Advanced Bait Boilies come under the beady eye of the No.1 products inspector, Richard Howard.

Corus Advanced Bait Boilies
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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The Corus Advanced Bait Boilies offer plenty in the way of flavour choice and colours, whether you want to go down a Scopex Cream route for carp, or a Monster Crab & Halibut combo for catfish.

These 15 mm shelf-life baits, available in resealable bags, also come in Krill, Green Lip Mussel, Robin Red Tuna, Tigernut Citrus, Vanilla & Almond, Coconut Cream, and Nut Cluster formats. There are also purple and green boilies to experiment with, as well as the more conventional natural, red and yellow baits.

Freshly rolled, they’re made with premium ingredients with high nutritional content, high protein levels and appetite stimulators, with only 100 per cent natural preservatives, according to Corus.

They all contain ‘special ingredients’, too – the Krill boilies, for instance, have pure krill meal and krill shell, the Robin Red Tuna boilies contain Haiths Robin Red and tuna meal, in the Scopex Cream there’s CLO and ground bird food, and in the Nut Cluster boilies there’s a blend of ground peanuts, tiger nuts and hazelnuts.

If you buy two bags of these shelf-lifes, you can get them for £7.49 each, instead of £8.95 – bargain!

Price: £8.95 a bag (1 kg). Buy 2 kg for £7.49 each (

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