Review: Gizmo Angling ZT Pro Hook Tier

The Gizmo Angling ZT Pro Hook Tier is appraised by Richard Howard.

Gizmo Angling ZT Pro Hook Tier
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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Word of the Gizmo Angling ZT Pro Hook Tier has spread like wildfire. And when word spreads and some of the top anglers start taking a new product on board, it’s likely to be pretty special.

This one has been snapped up by English, French and Spanish match fishing internationals already.

It’s a specialist hook tier, for spade-end knots, developed in the UK to ensure you can tie the best hooklengths with zero twist and zero damage – whether they are 3 in. or 20 ft long!

Thanks to what the Gizmo Angling team call NRB Knot Tightening, this clever little gizmo ensures knots are tightened to precisely the same degree every time and the line comes off the front and centre of the spade.

Pulleys and belts drive both the hook and loop end at the same time when whipping line on the shank of the hook, so you don’t get any twist issues.

A clever NRB Vari Length System allows multiple-length hook lengths to be tied with ease. Each rotation adds 2 in. to a hook length, with fine adjustment possible.

A polypropylene insert ensures the hook jaws grip but protect your hooks. The entire system weighs around 1.6 kg and is complemented by a non-slip base, so it just needs to be put on a flat surface to allow you to start tying.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this professional-quality hook tying system is already being used by the likes of match aces Lee Kerry, Andy May, Andy Bennett, Grant Albutt and Dean Barlow.

Standard and ‘pimped up’ anodised versions are available. And we do hear there’s a spade-end tier that will tie hair rigs on its way. This is a specialist, quality piece of kit and you’ll see that is reflected in the price. Visit

Prices: Standard Pro £120 plus £7.50 p&p.

Special Anodised Model £150 plus £7.50 p&p.