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Review: MAP Z-36 Elite Carbon Seatbox

Here's our expert lowdown on the MAP Z-36 Elite Carbon Seatbox…

The MAP Z-36 Elite Carbon Seatbox
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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MAP Z-36 Elite Carbon Seatbox raises the bar as the first ever carbon frame seat box. And it’s a looker.

Their Z-30 Elite box launched last year was as much as 20 percent lighter than some of its competitors. The new Z-36 Elite Carbon is reckoned to be 10 per cent lighter still. It boasts the merits of the built-in strength that comes with a carbon construction.

Anglers will appreciate the 36 mm diameter legs; it’s super stable, with threaded screw inserts for accessories throughout.

The versatility of the stacking system under the frame is a big plus too allowing deep and shallow tray units to be stacked in any order without a runner on the bottom.

Boasting a flowing, seamless, rounded design like you might see on a top end Audi, each frame is built and finished almost exclusively by hand.

Appealing to the match angler who wants the best, MAP have created a solid box too without the ‘play and rattles’ that you might find on other systems.

Even the clips and catches have taken a long time to get perfect, so that they last.

It comes with a sliding footplate with twist locking pins, a padded pole seat with pole support, water resistant seals on all the draw and tray units, divided drawer units and large swivelling mud feet.

The standard MAP Z-36 package includes:

A shallow and deep drawer unit; a shallow tray unit, which will accept MAP’s Pole Winder Trays so you can simply swap Pole Winder Trays at home to match to different venues; a stacker lid with carry handle; and a padded carry strap and seat box cover.

It does not come cheap, but then premium products with the latest technology never do.

Price: £1,249.