Review: OCTBOX MK18 Compact Seat Box

Travel light with the OCTBOX MK18 Compact Seat Box

OCTBOX MK18 Compact Seat Box
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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The OCTBOX MK18 Compact Seat Box is for those anglers that like travelling light, searching fish out with a float rod for example.

It’s so light you can lift it with a little finger, yet thanks to the quality of the engineering and materials – it’s solid. The leg system has been tested with weights topping 1,000 kg without any adaptors slipping – it’s super stable.

In essence the MK18 Compact is a strong stable seat, complete with independently adjustable legs, that comes complete with a bait waiter. The latter also doubling as a handy height adjustable storage shelf when stored on the underside of the seat frame.

Once in your swim however, it fits on the side of your box, so all your bait is next to you, where you want it, to hand.

It’s perfect for the pleasure angler who appreciates quality, who might want to work his way along a river, trotting different chub runs for example. Or the angler that just wants to nip out early morning or evening with the float rod for a few hours on a lake.

It’s supplied without drawers however they are available if you would like the option of more tackle storage.

OCTBOX MK18 Compact Seat Box

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

The bespoke solid alloy grip feet will also catch your eye, designed to grip on slippery ground including tricky wooden boards.

The weight of the Compact, with the bait waiter fitted is 4.5 kg. The bait boxes are not included.

The beauty of this box, is that if you’re roving with a rod set-up and net, you can be fishing in minutes after dropping into a new swim. The bait waiter however is deep enough to hold a reel or two if you weren’t travelling with your kit set-up.

The most popular additional drawer unit I hear is the Two Drawer which will take the weight of the whole system to around 7 kg. But anglers can choose any drawer option that’s available for the D25 Mk18 Seatbox.

You might even be tempted to add one of the new Mk18 Baitwaiter Swivel Tray’s with a groundbait bowl, coming up in a future New Gear as this will fit neatly under the box, to give even more storage. Top marks Octbox!

Price: £230. Drawer Modules from £75. Baitwaiter Swivel Tray £38