Review: Octbox MK18 D25 Seat Box

With superb engineering, the Octbox MK18 D25 Seat Box is an excellent choice

Octbox MK18 D25 Seat Box
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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The Octbox MK18 D25 Seat Box takes seatbox engineering and design to another level. It’s already attracting a lot of attention from match anglers, with orders coming in thick and fast.

It’s supplied with a MK18 Baitwaiter, which stores neatly and compactly under the seat. It also comes with two drawers on a height-adjustable frame, with a clever, compact keepnet adaptor system, taking up to three keepnets.

You need to see this system ‘in the flesh’, to fully appreciate the engineering and attention to detail.

It’s solid, just what you want when you need to stand up to punch out a feeder, without worrying that you might end up in the ‘drink’.

Tested at Cambridge University, it can support in excess of 1,500 kg with the inner legs extended, and yet it’s lighter than carbon fibre boxes.

Extra stability is provided by Octbox’s non pivoting, alloy grip-feet, giving better grip and less lateral movement.

The plastic-headed bolts on earlier boxes have been replaced by stainless steel ones.

You will also find headless grubber bolts in the height frame and the main platform, the idea being that you use an Allen key (supplied) when you first set up the box, to adjust it to your height.