Review: Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox

The adaptable Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox is a great choice for match anglers

Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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This adaptable Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox is a top choice for match anglers who fish all types of venues, from big rivers to windswept lakes, canals and commercials, as it can be adjusted for all types of terrain.

Add the fact that it can be converted into a barrow and a rock-solid platform to fish from, and I would say it’s pretty special.

Designed so that you are fishing comfortably with everything to-hand, the 36 mm-wide legs provide great stability, especially noticeable when you compare it with a 25 mm-leg seatbox.

The spiked mud-feet dig in and grip the ground, ensuring that the seatbox holds firm, not sinking any further than intended.

A clever Outrigger system accessory converts the D36 into a heavy-duty, ‘solid’ platform, with legs that can be extended to well over 6 ft, allowing you to sit in the river or well away from the bank, if you need to.

Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

The build quality is fantastic, the fittings and clamps are super-strong, and it’s easy to adjust, locking into place without overtightening.

With the addition of two handles and a choice of wheel kits, it can be converted into a trolley, saving car space by doing away with the need to bring an extra trolley to lug your kit around.

The threaded brass insets have been upgraded, ensuring that the wheels and wheel kit are easy to set up and lock in place.

The footplate has also received a facelift, the mesh plate being replaced by a stylish, much stronger and easier to clean design.

The stoppers on the rear of the footplate help you to keep it in the correct position whilst locking it into place with stainless steel bolts.

I can also report that the new keepnet adaptors now allow you to fit multiple keepnets to the extending front bar, which I am sure will be welcomed by many anglers.

Octbox MK19 D36 Seatbox

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

I’m already hearing that anglers love the bump bar, which can be incorporated into the extending adaptor bar at a variable distance, helping to support long poles up to 50 cm further out than conventional pole support systems, reducing the pressure and strain on your elbow by around 30 per cent, as well as giving you much more control, especially when fishing a long pole in the wind.

It comes with a side tray that can be set at different heights, and you can plug a second tray into it, along with a pivoting bait-waiter under it, to allow you to store more bait and accessories.

The Pole Butt holder on the new model also extends out further, giving more protection to the pole.

You’ll also find fewer knobs on the latest design, as the previous height adjustment knobs have been replaced by low-key, snag-proof Allen-key sockets.

It comes with five drawers, and you can configure your MK19 D36 Seatbox system from the drop-down menus on the website.

Price: £850.