Review: Mitchell Avocet 6500 FS RTE Reels

The Mitchell Avocet 6500 FS RTE Reels come under the beady eye of the No.1 products inspector Richard Howard.

Mitchell Avocet 6500 FS RTE Reels
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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These Mitchell Avocet 6500 FS RTE reels are a free-spool design with a built-in audio and visual alarm system.

When the spool spins in free-spool mode, the blue, red, green or orange coloured rear section lights up and an alarm sounds – useful if you’re not using buzzers or you want a belts-and-braces alarm set-up.

They are a black colour, with a black anodised aluminium spool taking 320 m of 0.30mm line.

A multi-disk, front drag system, a soft-touch, handle knob, and 6+1 bearings complete the feature package.

Another quite unusual point is that you can buy them in a three-reel presentation set. Not a bad option for holidays and opportunist trips when you might not want to be loaded down with lots of kit.

Price: £49.99. Boxed Set of three reels – £139.99.