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Review: Sufix Nanobraid

Sufix Nanobraid offers a strong and abrasion resistant line

Sufix Nanobraid
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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Sufix NanoBraid is a strong, low-diameter braid, especially for light lure and drop shot fishing.

By using advanced technology that creates a higher tension during the braiding process, the finished weave is tight and strong, allowing it to glide through rod rings and to transmit every movement of your lure. Uniform in diameter, it also ensures good line lay.

Abrasion resistant, useful when fishing around structures, Sufix report that it’s up to three times stronger than other lines.

Ultra thin, from 0.04 mm (6 lb) through to 0.12 mm (16 lb), it comes in a choice of Hi-Viz Pink or Aqua Camo (off-white).

A strong and consistent braid that casts light lures well, the Sufix team have also made sure it offers good knot strength. It’s ideal for coupling with a length of fluorocarbon.

Price: from £14.99 for 100 m.