How to catch carp on a budget with method feeder mix

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Method feeder groundbaits are made of all sorts of ingredients these days, with so many specialist products around, but a cheap and effective mix can be made .

Try using the incredibly effective ‘dog muesli’ called Vitalin.

Boost it even further by adding a few extra low-cost goodies to form your own unique method feeder mix.

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Vitalin costs as little as £1 a kilo in bulk bags and you’ll pay £6 for a five-litre container of liquid molasses as a liquid attractor.

So a tenner buys ample ingredients for a Method feeder mix. Bags of frozen corn bulks out the mix.

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Preparation is a no-brainer. Stir in 150 to 200 ml of liquid molasses to a 2.5 kg bag of Vitalin.

Sweetcorn contains mostly water and won’t over feed the fish. At around 70p for a large frozen bag, it’s as cheap as chips.

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Leave the mix for an hour so the molasses soaks into the cereal. Slowly add one part water to six parts mix, stirring continuously.

It’s always a good idea to keep the lid on the bucket of finished mix to prevent it drying out.

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The finished consistency should easily form a stiff ball, like you see here. Mould it around a Method feeder frame or lead like you see in the picture at the top.

If it crumbles when you squeeze it together, it requires extra water.

The aim is to make the fish work hard for their dinner!

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