How to catch more spring carp - 5 simple tips

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

1. Keep ’em peeled for spring carp!

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Carp on many venues are starting to show a lot now, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and locate them before deciding on a swim.

Without doubt your best bet will be watching the water at either dawn or dusk.

2. Give spring carp some grub!

The likelihood is that when you find spring carp they will be pretty hungry!

If you really want to gain the fish’s confidence or aim to bag multiple fish, laying a good bed of bait really can be beneficial.

Bulk baiting can work out quite expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives, like these chops.

3. Consider using a zig

The carp are also likely to be spending a lot of time somewhere between the bottom and the surface at this time of year.

It makes sense to employ a zig-rigged bait of some kind on at least one of your rods.

Due to the tight lines associated with zig fishing, it is wise to keep this rod as far away from any bottom bait rigs as possible.

Washed out pop-ups in 10mm are perfect for zigging.

4.  Smaller baits can score

At this time of year you may still be able to get away with smaller baits such as 10mm boilies.

Many smaller species are still waking and won’t be interesting in too big a mouthful.

Carp can often be a lot more confident when it comes to picking up smaller offerings, so 10mm baits are a great starting point if you can get away with them.

5. Surface layers soon

With the sun beating down soon on many waters, it is highly likely that the fish will be making their way to the surface layers.

Even though it may still seem a little chilly outside, don’t think that the carp won’t be interested in floaters, as they will.

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