How to choose catapults that are best for your fishing

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Match catapults if used for firing out boilies at range will self-destruct. And if you fill a collapsible pouch with maggots for close range fishing and the grubs will fly off in all directions, scattering the feed and fish.

Match catapults have small, semi-rigid pouches and introduce just enough feed for little and often baiting to slowly build a swim.

Most elastics on match designs will comfortably cover up to 20 yards, achieving accuracy and tight grouping.

They are the best option for smaller food items such as maggots, hemp and a few grains of sweetcorn.

For specimen fishing, opt for a more robust frame and sturdier elastics. Small pouches are generally designed for firing out freebies such as boilies at extreme range. It’s possible to reach 100 yards using a powerful boilie ‘pult.

Larger pouches are better for pellets and particles, and a quality design will fire out baits in a tight group up to 30 yards, making it possible to deposit a large carpet of feed very quickly.

Choose a pouch with a rigid holder for launching uniform-sized balls of groundbait. The rigid plastic cup design helps to hold the groundbait ball together without it breaking up when the elastic is drawn back.

Combine that feature with a super strong frame and powerful elastic and impressive baiting distances can be achieved easily.

Main catapults for loose feeding

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1 – Lightweight match-style catapults are tops for tight grouping of freebies, especially maggots, hemp and small pellets. Sensible sized pouches hold just the right amount of feed to drip it into a swim.

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2 – This boilie catapult is a good all-rounder for introducing small amounts of bait up to 60 yards with a good degree of accuracy. Providing the elastic is strong it’s possible to fire uniform 15 mm boilies 100 yards plus.

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3 – Catapults with large pouches are designed for mass feeding of particles such as corn, hemp and pellets at short range. Longer elastics provide a slow power acceleration for maximum distance with minimum spread and tight grouping.

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For groundbait, you need a Whopper Dropper style catapult, like the one seen above. These are ideal to fire balls of groundbait without them breaking up. A rigid plastic holder and collapsible pouch holds balls centrally and prevents crushing when drawing back the strong elastic.