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Review: Drennan Acolyte Pro Whip 800

The Drennan Acolyte Pro Whip 800 is an eight metres long telescopic rod

Drennan Acolyte Pro Whip 800
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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The top-end Drennan Acolyte Pro Whip 800 looks particularly useful for the cold months ahead.

It’s eight metres long with a telescopic top three, and five take-apart sections. It comes with a solid flick-tip, but it’s also supplied with a PTFE bush, two types of PTFE plugs and a PTFE bead, so that you can elasticate the No.2 section.

It’s ultra strong, with reinforced joints and numbered sections, so that you know at a glance how long you are fishing. It weighs approximately 265 g.

It’s just the job on bigger rivers, whether you’re speed fishing or fishing a long line to-hand for silver fish. I can see a few Wye, Thames and Trent anglers slipping one of these in their holdall this winter.

Price: £235