Review: Drennan Red Range Carp Zone 1250 Pole

The Drennan Red Range Carp Zone 1250 Pole is designed for hard-fighting carp

Drennan Red Range Carp Zone 1250 Pole
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

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The Drennan Red Range Carp Zone 1250 Pole is aimed at getting your pole fishing off to a good start. It's specially designed to get amongst those hard fighting carp and better fish on commercials – but it is still responsive enough for ‘silvers’.

It comes with three spare Carp Kits, four in total, featuring a factory fitted Side Pull Slot for coupling with Drennan’s Side Pull System for smooth fish playing with solid and hollow elastic.

The wide bore top kits are ready to elasticate and will take the 4.2mm Super Slick PTFE Bushes included.

These will cover you for light and medium solid elastics or hollow elastics up to the yellow 10-12 Carp Bungee.

If you want to go heavier still and use thicker elastic Drennan have also included a set of larger diameter 5.4mm Super Slick PTFE Bushes, but a little trimming back will be required – about 18 cm to fit them.

Coming with reinforced pole sections throughout and weighing around 975 g at 11m, the accessory kit that comes with this starter pole also impresses. Skid Bungs, EVA Nose Cones, two Cupping Kit adaptors – you can convert one of the Carp Kits into a Cupping Kit.

Other extras include a Polemaster Pole Pot, Roller Cones, a Roller Cone Extractor Rod and Side Pull Beads.

Taking that next step into pole fishing doesn’t have to break the bank.

Price: package £275. Carp Kit £29.95. Cupping Kit £29.95