River Don record barbel landed in perfect conditions

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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Bradley went after barbel on his local River Don, as it had risen 2 ft from the previous day.

He went on to catch this venue record 14 lb 5 oz specimen.

The 22-year-old joiner, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, targeted the barbel with a bunch of eight maggots on a hair-rigged bait clip.

Bradley said: “I’ve been fishing the River Don for a few years, targeting barbel and chub.

“It would be fair to say that I’ve spent more fishing hours over the past two years on the river than most people.”

River Don up and running

Bradley continued: “At the weekend I went for my usual walk along the river, and I was happy to see an extra 2 ft of water than the previous day.

“Knowing that the river tends to fish well when it is carrying extra water, I took advantage and caught a fish that I never expected to catch.

“A slow bite led to an even slower fight. It was plodding around, so I thought I’d hooked a big carp, until it surfaced.

“Weighing 14 lb 5 oz, it is the same fish that holds the previous River Don record, at 13 lb 11 oz, caught two seasons ago towards the end of summer.

“I’m over the moon with how the season has finished. It couldn’t get any better for me,” smiled Bradley.

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