River Wandle magic demonstrated with impressive mixed fish catch

(Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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Ashley tackled his local River Wandle in South West London – a venue which a long history of pollution.

The 37-year-old included four carp topped by a 17 lb zip linear mirror.

His River Wandle sessions also yielded a roach near 2 lb and a gudgeon he estimates not far off the 5 oz British record.

Morden-based Ashley said: “I’ve had some incredible fish including this amazing zip lin that (Urban Banx star) Alan Blair has caught before.”

Ashley continued: “I also had a roach at nearly 2 lb and another gudgeon that was seriously close to the record.

“I had an even bigger gudgeon three years ago and while this wasn’t as big was still pretty big.

“I’d rather not say what bait I was using, as it gave me the edge I believe.

“But just say I was using naturals, and I was fishing on a very simple carp set up for the carp. I was touch fishing for the other two using two SSG shot and a hook tied on. Simple but effective.”

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