Review: Sufix Advance Line

The Sufix Advance Line comes under the beady eye of the No.1 products inspector Richard Howard.

Sufix Advance Line
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The Sufix Advance Line is a good recommendation if you’re about to spool up some carp reels for big fish on a challenging water with snags and weed.

It looks and feels pretty special, with blended HMPE molecules, which you usually find in braided lines.

The 0.30 mm version has a breaking strain of 18 lb, and the 0.35 mm an impressive 25 lb, with Sufix reporting superior abrasion resistance.

The HMPE molecules in the line’s surface form part of a durable coating, to help you stay in contact when fishing snaggy areas.

It comes with a 96 per cent knot strength and over 50 per cent less stretch than standard nylon, which means you’re likely to get much better bite indication too.

Recommended knots include the Grinner, double uni, uni, arbour and the improved clinch.

It’s certainly a strong line for its diameter, and it’s surprisingly supple, with a low memory. It also looks as if it should cast and ‘hang’ well.

A useful line for big fish on rivers, where you’re never far away from snags, as well as for pits, large lakes and small, intimate venues, where a bit of ‘jungle warfare’ might be on the cards.

With breaking strains starting at 6.4 lb (0.16 mm), it’ll appeal for other species, too, especially in waters where you need a robust line.

It’s available on 150 m and 300 m spools, in Clear, Low Viz Green and Neon Yellow colours. You’ll find it has been priced sensibly, too.

Prices: £6.99 for 150 metres; £9.99 for 300 metres.

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