Watch skier make amazing recovery after the snow literally falls away beneath his feet

Skier Josh Daiek’s amazing recovery after a crevice drops away beneath his feet
(Image credit: Salomon / YouTube)

How does an professional skier deal with an unexpectedly early start? Nope, that’s the start of a joke with a punchline about, “A very loud alarm clock, tons of caffeine and amphetamine-laced porridge.”

We’re talking about an unexpectedly start to a high-speed downhill run, which is exactly what happens to US skier Josh Daiek in this video posted to Salomon’s X feed (that still feels wrong to say or type, doesn’t it?).

One second he’s standing there, getting ready to drop into his line, the next the crevice below him literally falls away. If this were a classic Warner Bros cartoon he’s be left hover there for a few seconds contemplating his next move like Wyle E Coyote on skis. But he doesn’t have that luxury. 

Instead, instincts crafted by years of experience kick in and he styles out his predicament with extreme awesomeness.

Or, as Salomon put it, “The small cornice broke under his feet like a trap door and he was falling into his first air with a piece of the cornice in his lap. Not ideal but he stayed focused thanks to years of training...”

“What can’t Josh Daiek do, exactly?” replied one impresses follower.

“My stomach just went to my chest,” said another.

It’s not clear when or where this took place, but we know from his Instagram feed that he’s been desperately waiting for the weather to stabilze in North America so he can get back out skiing in his beloved Tahoe, which presumably he managed in the past couple of days.