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Review: NGT Dynamic Boilies

The NGT Dynamic Boilies come under the beady eye of the No.1 products inspector Richard Howard.

NGT Dynamic Boilies
(Image: © Angler's Mail)

Welcome to Advnture, the new home of

NGT Dynamic Boilies have been tested across the UK and Europe. The new Dynamic boilie range includes proven fish-tempting flavours, with an added twist, along with some washed-out colours, to catch the wariest of fish.

There’s Washed Out Mango & Cream, White Chocolate & Tigernut, Washed Out Banana & Hazelnut, Tuna & Sardine, and Washed Out Krill.

Tested by the NGT crew, along with a 50-strong field-testing team, on different waters during all seasons, they’ve reported some fantastic results, including multiple hauls and PBs.

Presented in a resealable bag, the bottom baits come with free, matching pop-ups and wafters, so that you can alter your presentation, to help fool more fish.

I think you’ll agree, the colours, flavours and price look very appealing.

Price: £7.95 a bag (900 g) from all good retailers.