Fresh snow on your local bike trail? Why not ski down it instead

Sean Leader skiing in Windrock Bike Park just west of Knoxville, Tennessee
(Image credit: Sean Leader / YouTube)

Windrock Bike Park near Knoxville has a reputation for being open year-round. Situated in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee, it doesn’t see much snow. After all, Tennessee is one of the least snowy states in the USA with an average snowfall of just six inches per hear. Even on the Cumberlands it usually only climbs to eight inches. It’s not like you need to brush up on your avalanche safety.

You don’t expect to see many skiing vids hitting social media originating from the state, but when extreme weather whipped across the whole country, even TN got its fair share.

While that meant Windrock Bike Park founder Sean Leader had to close his doors to the public, a little inclement weather wasn’t going to put a stop to his fun. He just strapped on some skis and did something he never thought he’d do: ski down his own bike trails, with a buddy on hand to record the event for Instagram. He even used his Red Bull ramp as a ski jump before taking over camera duties and filming his friend, Bryson Presson, snowboarding the same slopes (er, trails).

It certainly looks a lot of fun, and while Leader and Presson's skiing stunts may not quite match the gravity-defying feats of the likes of Fabio Wibmer on the Streif, they’re definitely making a better go of it than skiers would trying to ski down a snowless bike track.

Sean Leader skiing in Windrock Bike Park just west of Knoxville, Tennessee

Sean Leader snow jumping off a Red Bull ramp in his own bike park (Image credit: Sean Leader / YouTube)