Watch Orlando Bloom taking adventure to extremes in trailer for To The Edge

Orlando Bloom at photocall
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom has long had a reputation as a thrillseeker and he’s now putting that passion to some extreme tests in a new three-part adventure documentary series Orlando Bloom: To the Edge for the US streaming service Peacock, which has just unleashed the trailer.

The series follows the daredevil actor as he pushes himself to the limits in extreme sports such as wingsuiting, freediving and climbing. He also opens up about a near-fatal accident that happened in 1998 that changed his perspective on life and adventure, and also tried to find ways of overcoming challenges through spiritual growth (which appears to include using Tibetan singing bowls).

Bloom wants to prove to people who are thinking about attempting these extreme sports for themselves that while training can be challenging and working through the fear can be a major obstacle, nothing is impossible. He believes in finding contentment when one can push one’s limitsm, saying, “Being on this edge makes me feel most alive, and this is a deep spiritual journey to find a sense of peace.” 

The trailer also reveals the scars left on Bloom’s body following his life-changing accident in 1998. He was climbing up a rooftop terrace with friends when the drainpipe he was holding onto collapsed. Bloom fell several floors and broke his back. 

For about four days, he believed that he would have to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But thanks to sheer willpower and determination, he was able to leave the hospital just a few weeks later. 

“This accident affected everything in my life,” he’s said previously. “You don’t notice it until you’re about to lose it.”

Orlando Bloom: To the Edge will be available to stream on Peacock in the US on April 18, 2024. Details of streaming in the rest of the world have yet to be announced.