Terrifying video shows angry bear launching blistering attack on foragers’ truck in Japan

Bear attacks truck in Hokkaido, Japan
(Image credit: Nippon TV News 24 Japan / YouTube)

A dashcam video of a mama bear attacking a truck on a remote road in Japan looks more terrifying than any scene in Cocaine Bear. The POV footage gives you an all-too-vivid idea of what it’s like to have 900lb of angry ursine hurtling straight at you.

The incident too place in rural Hokkaido, Japan recently, when two foragers were driving their tiny truck on a woodland path. Suddenly the bear appears from the side of the road and, clearly riled and highly agitated, it hurtles directly towards the truck.

The impact cracks the windscreen and leaves a wiper dangling.

The men speed off but the bear apparently chases them for quite some distance.

As Nippon TV News 24 Japan reports, analysis of the footage reveals that the foragers’ truck inadvertently drove between the mama bear and her cubs, who must have crossed the track just before the truck passed through.

So the mother bear perceived the truck as a threat and went on the attack. You can’t blame the guys for speeding out of there, but we bet they wished they had a more powerful engine.

This next video from ABC7 also shows the attack but also has an image revealing the damage inflicted on the truck as a result of the attack. That was clearly some collision.

To be clear, this isn’t a case of tourons acting stupidly, as is often the case with these wildlife attack videos. The poor guys just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But it’s another reminder of just how primally savage bears can be, and why it’s worth brushing up on what to do if you encounter a bear while out in the wild.