Watch these cute bear cubs climbing up a ski lift tower at Steamboat ski resort

Bear subs climbing ski lift tower at Steamboat
(Image credit: Sharon Spiegel / Facebook)

If you go down to the ski resort today you’re in for a big surprise. Not bears having picnic, but bear cubs doing a bit of steeplejacking.

Two cute bear cubs were filmed making a nailbiting climb up the ski lift tower at Wild Blue Gondola at Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado. In case you can’t bear the tension, here’s a spoiler – they made it back down safely again.

The footage was captured by Colorado local Sharon Spiegel and shared this weekend by Steamboat Radio and Denver 7 News on its social media channels in two separate clips.

The two cubs were part of a group of four cubs, while a mamma bear was seen not far away keeping an eye on her inquisitive offspring. Quite why they felt the urge to scale the metal rungs is unclear, though maybe they’re just mountaineering bears at heart – climbing the pylon because it was there. Or maybe they’re hoping to find some canned humans up there.

It’s currently peak bear activity season, with bears are emerging from hibernation and looking for food sources (see when will bears start waking up for spring?). Cubs are born about two months into hibernation – usually in January or February. When they emerge for the first time, the better developed cubs cab immediately climb trees.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife advises to try to scare away bears so they maintain their natural fear of humans to avoid human-bear conflicts (see five tips for safe backpacking in bear country).