VIDEO: “Holy cow, there’s a bear in our car!” And the car doesn’t come out of it well

Brown bear walking on road in front of cars
(Image credit: Westend61)

When the Edens family left their minivan at a campsite on Bass Lake in California this week, they returned to discover a trapped bear trashing the vehicle… and using it as a public convenience.

Irik Edens, who was on a trip with his wife to celebrate their (unlucky) 13th wedding anniversary with their kids, told a local news channel: “I noticed there was something moving in the car. I was like, ‘Wait a minute, all the kids are down there. Who’s in the car?’ Then I see the silhouette of the bear in the back window and, like, ‘Holy cow! There’s a bear in our car!’”

It appears the bear had opened the car door to chow down on the syrup that the family was going to use on some pancakes, and somehow managed to lock itself inside the vehicle. So what’s a bear to do, other than trash the place, and do a poo and a wee for good measure?

VIDEO: Bear break-in disrupts 13th wedding anniversary campout - YouTube VIDEO: Bear break-in disrupts 13th wedding anniversary campout - YouTube
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The bear apparently wasn’t in the car for long but managed to create a lot of damage in a very short time.

Eventually, a California Highway Patrol officer busted the van’s front window so the bear could escape.

Not that the Edens could use the vehicle any more. “It stinks in there!” said Irik. Instead they hired a car to get home and presumably had a very amusing phone conversation with their insurance company.

Bears are well known for being able to open car doors, so if you’re in bear territory – even if you’re not venturing far from your vehicle – it’s best to lock your doors. Also, store food in a bear locker or other bear-proof container, and make sure to carry bear spray and a bear horn. See also: What to do if you meet a bear: our safety guide.