Beware electrocution when you're hiking in deep snow, say experts

Woman hiking on snowy trail
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A search and rescue team has warned hikers, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts have been warned to beware electrocution when having fun in deep snow.

Routt County Search and Rescue is a volunteer association based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It has warned anyone visiting the backcountry this winter to be particularly aware of power infrastructure. 

Some parts of Colorado have seen up to six feet of snow in recent weeks, which could easily hide hazards and bring you far closer than expected to overhead equipment.

Wherever you're travelling, it's important to remember that the deeper the snow, the closer you are to overhead lines. Bad weather can also bring down lines, which could then be hidden by fresh snowfall.

In a Facebook post (embedded below), the team warned Colorado visitors to be particularly careful snowmobiling on Buff Pass, where smaller power lines are suspended below the main high-voltage cables.

As local news site OutThere Colorado explains, it's important to keep your eyes open for signs of electrical equipment hidden by snow, and take care with objects long enough to snag lines.

If you see a downed cable, don't try to touch or move it. Instead, alert local authorities who will be able to handle it safely.

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