Camping volunteers needed for Texas National Park

Guadalupe Mountains national park
The Texan National Park offers some stunning views of the southern USA (Image credit: Getty Images)

A Texas National Park is looking for volunteers to spend three months of 2021 camping.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, located just south of the border with New Mexico, near to El Paso, is seeking volunteers for both the summer and autumn months – either from July to September, or October to December.

Volunteering in the summer months is available at the Pine Springs Campground, offering campers the opportunity to help the National Park, while getting a healthy dose of time in the outdoors. In autumn the Pine Springs Campground is also available, as are the Dog Canyon Campgrounds. 

According to a Click2Houston report, volunteers must commit to the three-month period, and be able to work 32 hours per week. They must also have their own trailer or RV. 

For the allotted 32 hours per week, volunteers can expect to serve as a point-of-contact for campers, test the water every day and assist in search and rescue efforts, if required. Volunteers are also responsible for their own food and provisions at the camp.

"Past volunteers have said they found their time here very rewarding," said Elizabeth Jackson, public information officer for the National Park. "You get to meet a lot of different folks, enjoy the outdoors and explore a park for a longer period of time rather than it just being a vacation." 

Guadalupe Mountains national park offers over 80 miles of hiking trails, while more moderate hikes follow canyons that lead to rivers and lakes embedded deep within the park. More strenuous hikes are also on offer, due to the surrounding desert environment. 

At a time when there are restrictions on travel, Guadalupe Mountains National Park are offering a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with nature in 2021. 

For those looking to enjoy the outdoors and get away this summer or autumn, you can sign up by visiting