Biggest carp to British angler comes in World record brace

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Ian Burton fed 500 kg of hemp and 50 kg of Mainline High Impact boilies to take a huge hit of big carp from Hungary’s record-breaking Euro-Aqua fishery.

The unprecedented stocks of big carp in the 28-acre lake are used to seeing lots of bait, as owner Alex Horvath piles in up to four tonnes of maize a week.

In total, Ian matted 71 carp in ten nights, including another giant of 91 lb, making it a World record brace of carp.

The 49-year-old carper added two 80s, four 70s, seven 60s, nine 50s, 24 40s, 14 30s, seven 20s and two doubles.

How epic Euro-Aqua session unfolded

Derbyshire-based Ian said: “This was my third trip to Euro-Aqua in a year, but this time I drove there myself.

“I fed 500 kg of hemp and 50 kg of High Impact boilies over ten nights, but it was well worth it, as I netted 71 carp.

“The 105 lb carp was the only fish to give me a one-toner, as the other takes were very shy, the indicator just lifting and dropping, like you’d expect from a bream bite.

“The 105 lb carp was an extremely hard-fighting fish, not just a heavy ‘lump’.

“We had at least a five-minute stand-off, me trying to prevent it from getting into a snag that was roughly 90 yards distance from the bank. It took approximately 20 minutes to land.

“I became nervous, knowing that I was potentially about to beat my PB for the fourth time this year.

“With it being my tenth carp of over 80 lb, I managed to keep my cool, getting her in the net on the first attempt,” said Ian.

The World carp record stands at 112 lb 14 oz, a Euro-Aqua fish caught by Dutchman Michel Schoenmakers in 2018.

Michel held the World carp brace best with mirrors of 95 lb 1 oz and 93 lb 6 oz, for an 188 lb 7 oz total, but that has now been surpassed by Ian’s pair of
105 lb 14 oz and 91 lb, giving him a 196 lb 14 oz total.

Top 12 carp by British anglers

105 lb 14 oz mirror  Ian Burton                   Euro-Aqua                  2019

104 lb 2 oz mirror    Stephen Weir              Euro-Aqua                   2015

102 lb mirror            Luke Vanes                  Euro-Aqua                   2018

101 lb 8 oz mirror    Warren Harrison        Euro-Aqua                   2017

101 lb 6 oz common   Terry Harbert           Lake Serene                 2019

100 lb 8 oz common   Colin Smith                 Etang La Saussaie        2013

99 lb 14 oz common   Alan Munns                 Etang la Saussaie         2013

99 lb 12 oz common   John Thorpe                Etang La Saussaie        2013

99 lb mirror              Ambrose Smith           Graviers                      2010

99 lb mirror              Scott Phillips              Graviers                      2014

98 lb mirror              Derek Fell                   Euro-Aqua                   2014

96 lb mirror              Sam Smith                   Euro-Aqua                   2015

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