Hiker laughs while bear paws at her unlocked car door

Bear investigating car side mirror
(Image credit: Getty Images)

A hiker has shared a video of her first encounter with a black bear in the Canadian Rockies, prompting alarm from viewers who noticed that the animal could have easily reached her through an unlocked car door.

Nature-lover Eilish Bridey  was delighted to see the inquisitive bear, laughing as it pawed at the car where she was a passenger, and tried to chew on the side mirror until her travelling companion scared it off with the horn. 

"Thanks bud, needed a new a paint job anyways." she wrote on Instagram. "What an INSANE experience. He was so cute, but safe to say the closest I ever want to be! 

The encounter passed without incident, but things could have easily taken a different turn. Black bears are intelligent opportunists, and there are countless records of them breaking into parked cars by opening unlocked doors. In June this year, a security camera in Colorado caught a hungry animal easily opening the passenger door of a parked truck in search of food.

"Bears are smart," officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "Once humans teach them that cars and homes hold tasty rewards, bears will search for a way inside. They learn quickly how to open doors and windows."

It's possible that the bear Bridey met in the Rockies may also have become food conditioned as a result of other videos feeding it from their cars, hence its bold behavior and willingness to approach vehicles.

Cat Ellis

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