Hungry Yellowstone grizzly bear filmed searching 'pantry' for frozen bison

Grizzly bear walking through snow at Yellowstone National Park, USA
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A wildlife technician working at Yellowstone National Park has shared three videos of a grizzly bear digging through snow and slush looking for its first meal after hibernation. In an Instagram post, Taylor Rabe explained that the bear knew bison often fall into the water at that particular point, and there was a good chance it might find a refrigerated meal below the surface.

The animal, collared bear #769, was spotted over the Easter weekend, and is the first grizzly Rabe has spotted this year. "He spent most of the night digging until he found a prize," she wrote on Instagram.

In a comment, she explained that it's quite normal for bears to wake at this time of year, particularly the males, and that there are plenty of bison and elk in the park that didn't survive the cold months,

Grizzlies at Yellowstone

The National Park Service (NPS) explains that grizzlies in Yellowstone can begin to wake from hibernation as early as February, and most will leave their dens by early May. Most animals will leave the vicinity of their dens a week after they first emerge, but females with cubs will stay within around 1.8 miles of their dens until late May.

Park visitors are warned to stay at least 100 yards from bears and wolves at all times. If you spot a bear but it hasn't seen you, the NPS advises staying out of sight and taking a detour as far away from it as possible, staying downwind. If it sees you, retreat slowly and leave the area. For more advice, see our guide what to do if you meet a bear.

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