Jan Porter, angling legend, passes away

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Jan Porter had battled cancer for the previous few years but it was still a huge shock the ‘man in red’ passed away.

The 60-year-old became famous for his red attire in the 1970s and 80s while fishing matches, especially on his local River Trent in Nottingham. Jan also represented Norway in the World Championships and rebuilt the Shakespeare Superteam.

In the 1990s Jan turned into the ‘man in camo’ as a specimen hunter and became Shimano chief consultant and showed what a versatile angler he was. His enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for fishing came through his media and TV work.

He had a passion for music as well and everyone who dealt with Jan had the utmost respect for him.

Jan Porter's brave battle

Wife Mel said: “It is with much sadness to say that my gorgeous, wonderful, loving husband and father to Sam and Danielle, Jan, passed away.

“After battling cancer for the past 3.5 years he managed to hang on for two years longer than expected through sheer determination and passion for life.

“Jan died at the Myton Hospice. The service and attention he received were exceptional and we are so very grateful that he ended his life in such a dignified way and in no pain whatsoever.

“Jan’s wish is to have a very private quiet funeral and in his words ‘if Bowie can do it, so can I’ please respect this.

“Much love and may he be up there fishing with his dad, Terry now xxx.”

Good pal, big carp ace and bait company boss Shaun Harrison said: “I’m totally lost for words and sitting here in a void.

“They say the best are taken early, they certainly found the best again. Strap that guitar back on and go looking for water wherever you are.”

Jan Porter appeared in many videos and TV shows. Below is a video made in 2013 on one of his favourite venues, the River Trent, alongside Mick Brown.

Full of tips, in true Jan style, the video showcases what became his all-round angling approach, part matchman and part specialist angler.

Check it out…

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