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Monster summer perch caught from English river

Bradley Purssey returns his huge river perch, weighing a whopping 5 lb 9 oz (Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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How about this for a summer river perch, a massive maggot-munching 5 lb 9 oz giant.

Bradley Purssey landed the dream specimen stripy from a secret local river to obliterate his old personal best.

Byfleet, Surrey-based Bradley said: “I had it on a big worm fished on the bottom.

“I was constantly throwing out maggots to get them going and I got my reward in the end.

“My best one before that was 3 lb 4 oz, and it was a bit of a shock, to be honest. I’ve caught big carp before, but this perch was really impressive,” added the 30-year-old Squire’s Garden Centre manager.

Experts think that Bradley's perch could go on to topple the British record of 6 lb 3 oz. Perch usually reach their heaviest weight in February and March.

Although this story dates back to 2011, it was mistakenly republished in August 2020, after news of the catch recirculated on social media. Apologies for the error.