Remember your mittens, warns National Park Service as temperatures plummet

Woman in winter weather wearing mittens and padded jacket
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Rangers from National Parks throughout the US are reminding hikers and campers to take extra precautions as winter weather sets in and temperatures drop.

"Clear skies overnight can mean frigid conditions," wrote Yellowstone Rangers in a Facebook post on Tuesday, "Temperatures throughout the park dropped below zero this morning. Wearing proper clothing is essential in extreme cold."

Park officials recommend dressing in layers so you can adjust your clothing as you warm up hiking and cool down afterwards. They advise wearing a lightweight base layer made from synthetic material or silk, a mid-layer made from wool, fleece, or polyester, and an outer coat to protect you from the weather. This should be accompanied by winter hiking boots, best hiking gloves or mittens, and a hiking hat.

Rangers from Rocky Mountain National Park shared photos on Twitter showing 8-10 inches of snow on Bear Lake Road on Tuesday, and a thick covering at the Fall River Entrance.

"BE ALERT + PREPARED with proper gear including your vehicle/tires (Traction Law in effect) warm clothing & proper footwear," officials warned. "All area roads snowy & icy. Plows working."

The warnings come days after a couple became extremely cold on a night time hike through the Narrows of Zion National Park, and began to experience symptoms of hypothermia.

The husband pressed on to find help, and was eventually found and given emergency medical treatment. The wife stayed behind and was given CPR by members of the public, but sadly passed away.

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