Saxx Underwear and Blacks Outdoor campaign tackles taboo subjects facing men today

One of the men who talks about mental health in the new campaign series
One of the men who talks about mental health in the new campaign series. (Image credit: SAXX/Blacks)

SAXX Underwear and Blacks Outdoors have teamed up to launch a campaign that aims to break down barriers and lessen the stigma surrounding male body image, mental health, sexuality and pressure to "be a man". 

A Brief Discussion is a partnership project between SAXX Underwear and Blacks Outdoors in which eight men from different walks of life take part in a series of videos.

The videos, which are available for free viewing, cover a range of topics such as men’s mental health, body image, what it means to be masculine and more. The interviewer is the snowboarder Tim Warwood.

Among the men to feature in the series is a security specialist with a skin condition called Vitiligo; a man who suffered with mental health problems following a leg amputation; and an ex-military serviceman who has experienced struggles with PTSD.

Also featuring in the series is a model who has experienced struggles with body image and the pressure of social media; a yoga teacher to Royal Air Force personnel who helps people manage stress and PTSD; and brothers who are advocates for the inclusivity of everyone in the outdoors as a means of looking after their mental health.

Men feature in mental health video series

Two brothers, who are advocates for inclusivity in the outdoors. (Image credit: SAXX/Blacks)

An interviewee in the Brief Discussions video series

An interviewee in the Brief Discussions video series. (Image credit: SAXX/Blacks)

A Brief Discussion intends to create an open forum for men to speak out about their experiences, to have honest discussions regarding things affecting their daily lives and to encourage those who may need it to seek help.

By acknowledging struggles that men face, the series will create a community that inspires people to talk to one another and bring to light issues that are not typically spoken about. 

Blacks’ senior content executive, Sophie Gibson said: “By raising awareness through Brief Discussions about previously stigmatised topics, we hope to assist others in finding help, to support one another and to ultimately be themselves.”

Find more information on the Blacks website or follow the campaign across the Blacks and SAXX Underwear social media platforms. The Body Image blog video and masculinity video are now live. Another video will be launched on January 22. 

Fiona Russell
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