Suunto launches lighter, more affordable bone conduction headphones

Woman running wearing Suunto Sonic headphones
(Image credit: Suunto)

Suunto has released a pair of new bone-conduction running headphones as a budget-friendly counterpart to the Suunto Wing launched late last year. The Suunto Sonic are slimmer than the Wing and lack the LED lights, but are otherwise very similar.

They are sweatproof and water-resistant, making them suitable for high-intensity workouts, and weigh just 30.6g thanks to their titanium and silicone build. That's 2g less than the Suunto Wing.

Like all bone-conduction headphones, they let you listen to music, podcasts and audio books while still remaining aware of ambient sounds and potential dangers like traffic and cyclists. Unlike noise-cancelling headphones with a 'through' mode, they also allow you to determine where the noise is coming from for extra safety.

Bone conduction headphones are also a popular choice for offices, and the Suunto Wing let you choose between indoor and outdoor modes to suit the situation. There are also dual built-in microphones for those times when you need to answer a quick call on the move, or join a video meeting at your desk.

Woman splashing face with water wearing Suunto Sonic headphones

(Image credit: Suunto)

The Suunto Sonic come in two colors, black and bright lime green, and are available now direct from Suunto in the US and UK, from Amazon in the US, and from Ordnance Survey in the UK. They will be on sale at Amazon UK later this month. They have a list price of $149/$129, while the Suunto Wing are $199/£169.

When we tested the Suunto Wing earlier this year, we appreciated their great sound quality (something that's sometimes a compromise with open-ear headphones), fast charging, and the ability to adjust audio settings in the Suunto app. We're hoping to put the Wing to the test soon as well to see how the two compare.

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