1000 Mile Snow Sports Sock review: a robust pair of performance-heavy ski socks

These ultra-soft ski socks are the perfect thickness to provide protection against cold and rubbing without restricting your movement or circulation on the slopes

1000 Mile ski socks
(Image: © 1000 Mile)

Advnture Verdict

Performance-enhancing detail abounds in these comfortable, sturdy ski socks from non-slip heels to plenty of padding that keeps you protected inside your boots


  • +

    Soft fabric and comfortable, contoured fit

  • +

    Moisture wicking and quick drying

  • +

    Padding for achilles, shin, toe and heel

  • +

    Designed to stay in place inside your boot

  • +



  • -

    No larger sizes available for women

  • -

    No natural materials used so they get smelly faster

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1000 Mile Snow Sports Sock: first impressions 

Family-owned 1000 Mile Sportswear, based in the UK, started out 20 years ago on the premise of one sock that came with a blister-free guarantee and they’ve spent the subsequent two decades refining the art of the sports sock. When it comes to the 1000 Mile Snow Sports Sock, they seem to have thought of everything, from extra padding in the places where your boot likes to rub to a contoured fit so the socks stay in place and it’s all wrapped up in an exceedingly comfortable ski sock that manages to be just the right thickness for both alpine skiing and ski touring.

Made using a blend of synthetic materials, these socks are extremely soft and comfortable as well as breathable and quick drying, and lots of stretch combined with arch bracing gives a snug fit without compression. Extra padding in the shin, achilles, toe, ball and heel prevents boot rub, but these socks remain a good medium weight so they’re not too thick or warm for more vigorous skiing. Because they’re made using synthetic materials rather than wool, they will get smelly faster, but they come in at a really generous price and perform like a far more expensive ski sock.


• RRP: £19.99 (UK)
• Unisex: Men’s and women’s sizing available
Sizes available: Men’s: M, L, XL, women’s: S, M
• Materials:  Acrylic (48%), Tactel (26%), Nylon (25%), Spandex (1%)
• Colors: Black/purple, Black/yellow
• Best use: Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing 

1000 Mile Snow Sports Sock: on the slopes 

1000 Mile ski socks

Made using a blend of synthetic materials, these socks are extremely soft and comfortable as well as breathable and quick drying (Image credit: 1000 Mile)

I hadn’t heard of 1000 Mile before getting my hands on these socks and was thrilled to see they’re a family owned business and even more thrilled once I got them on my feet. In my opinion, these socks are the perfect fit, providing a snugness that I need for performance but without the restriction of compression, and in my experience, they perform like a far more expensive ski sock.

These ski socks are noticeably more comfortable than some of my other socks. The fabric is really soft, the fit is snug so it feels supportive without being too tight, they’re just the right length with loads of stretch and the design means they hug my heel, toe and arch so no annoying bunching. I really appreciate all the extra padding when I’m wearing them with my alpine boots, and I find that it’s also not too much padding to wear them for ski touring. If you like a really thin sock for ski touring, you might find them slightly too thick but I think the thickness makes them about as versatile as a ski sock can be.

All of my other favorite ski socks are made using wool so I was a bit skeptical about these being synthetic fiber, and while they do get smelly easier than wool socks, they definitely do the job when it comes to wicking sweat and drying quickly on my uphill pursuits. Even better, they’re really robust and the fabric keeps the price way down to a much more affordable piece of kit.

Here’s how they performed:


True to size.


These are articulated around the heel and arch and fit for performance, with a nice, snug fit that doesn’t compress or cut in anywhere. They come all the way up over the calf and stay there. 


 Very soft fabric, comfortable fit and no moving around or bunching inside the boot. 

Temperature regulation 

Good warmth on colder days but not too thick and great moisture wicking for uphilling and spring days. 


These wick moisture nicely on the uphill and dry quickly so you’re not freezing while you’re taking the skins off your skis. 


The upside of these being synthetic rather than natural materials is that they’re really sturdy. 

Julia Clarke

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