This carbon-infused gravel e-bike looks like it rode out of the future

Man riding Rotwild R.R275 X Ultra e-gravel bike
(Image credit: Rotwild)

German e-bike pioneer Rotwild has launched its first gravel bike with e-assist, the Rotwild R.R275 X, and a funky, futuristic-looking beast it looks too. They’re a brand renowned for innovation and stylish, striking designs and the two R.R275 X variants, the Pro and the Ultra, certainly don’t disappoint in that respect.

But having concentrated on e-MTBs for the past few years, the company claims to be taking a step into the futures by returning to its own pre-electric, racing bike origins with this latest launch. The R in the name, you see, stands for 'race'.

Rotwild R.R275 X Pro e-gravel bike

The Rotwild R.R275 X Pro – the variant without the funky carbon wheels (Image credit: Rotwild)

“With its racing bike spirit and geometry, [the R.R275 X] is primarily at home on asphalt,” says ROTWILD managing director Peter Schlitt. “But it doesn’t shy away from turning onto the forest path, into the gravel or onto the trail. So we see it as a flexible all-road bike.”

Both models come in four frame sizes and cost €8,999 and €11,999 respectively. (Rotwild currently doesn’t have any official dealers outside of Europe, so prepare to use some Google-fu if you’re in the rest of the world.)

Both bikes have built-in lights and a top tube that merges with the line of the handlebar stem.

Rotwild R.R275 X e gravel bike top tube

Both variants of the bike have a top tube that merges with the handlebar stem and built-in lights (Image credit: Rotwild)

The lightweight but punchy TQ HPR50 motor used by the Rotwild R.R275 is claimed to have 50Nm torque and a battery with 250 watt hours. But the really innovative thing about the R.R275 X’s e-assist is the boost function

Smart motor control ensures a good balance between the rider's cadence, the necessary motor support and economy. Customers will also find the boost button in the R.R275 X, which offers up to 300 watts of extra power for shorts bursts of up to 30 seconds. It is fitted into the left side of the handlebar and can be operated very intuitively. 

The Ultra variant only boasts eyecatching Xentis five-spoke carbon wheels.

Rotwild R.R275 X Ultra e-gravel bike

Both the R.R275 X are fully prepared for darkness with built-in lights (Image credit: Rotwild)

“Lightweight construction and gentle support ensure a natural driving experience,” emphasizes Rotwild. “Even beyond the assistance limit of 25 km/h, the system is very easy to pedal freely. The fade-out of the motor is not noticeable.” 

For anyone who would like to extend their range again, there is the option of using a range extender with an additional 160 Wh. The size of a half-liter drinking bottle, it can be easily and quickly placed on the down tube using the Fidlock adapter.

Rotwild R.R275 X power boost button

The power boost button (Image credit: Rotwild)