New Coros bike computer lasts up to 120 hours on a single charge with continuous GPS

Man's hand using Coros Dura bike computer
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros, best known for its range of GPS watches, has launched a new bike computer that offers super-long battery life for multi-day adventures. The Coros Dura provides 120 hours of continuous battery life on a single charge, with solar charging to provide an extra two hours of power for each hour spent on the bike. For comparison, the entry-level Garmin Edge Explore bike computer lasts 12 hours on a single charge, while the high-end Edge 1040 lasts 45 hours.

The device is operated using a 2.7in memory-in-pixel touchscreen display, which features an adaptive backlight that automatically adjusts in brightness depending on the ambient lighting conditions. If your fingers are wet, cold, or gloved, you can also scroll through menus and select options using a chunky scroll wheel and button on the side.

The Dura offers dual-frequency GPS, which should more accurately pinpoint your location than a device that only operates on one frequency, particularly in tricky locations like densely built cities where tall buildings can lead to GPS drift

You can create routes to follow using the Coros app, which received a huge overhaul last year that added the ability to create courses with turn-by-turn navigation. Alternatively, you can transfer a route made using a third-party tool like Strava or Komoot. If you wander off course, or have to follow a diversion, the Dura will re-route you using live data from Google Maps that takes into account road conditions and seasonal closures.

The Dura can connect to your GPS watch, and accessories like cadence sensors and power meters, and includes a set of useful training tools for use outdoors or with indoor an indoor bike trainer. It works together with the Coros app on your phone and the Coros Training Hub on desktop, letting you create and follow training plans, monitor training load, and even get feedback from your coach.

The Coros Dura is available to order now direct from Coros for $249/£149, with shipping expected to start on July 15, and its specs are impressive for the price.

Cat Ellis

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