The super compact Garmin Tacx Boost lets you take your training indoors, and it's cheaper than ever at Amazon today

Garmin Tacx Boost bike trainer
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Right now, you can pick up the Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer for just £138.42 at Amazon. That's a huge saving of 40% off the list price and by far the cheapest this excellent indoor bike trainer has ever been, wiping the floor with last year's Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday deals.

Spring has finally arrived, but if you're in the UK you'll know that doesn't mean the weather will always fit with your training plan. That's where the Tacx Boost comes in, letting you take your ride indoors when conditions are grim outside.

If you're not in the UK, scroll down to the bottom of this article for today's best deals on the Garmin Tacx deals where you are.

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer:£229.99£138.42 at AmazonSave £91.57

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer: £229.99 £138.42 at Amazon
Save £91.57 Super compact and quick to set up, this is a perfect bike trainer if you don't have masses of space but don't want to compromise on quality. It's cheaper than ever right now at Amazon with 40% off.

My partner and I have one of these trainers at home, and we love it. It has a super small footprint, letting us easily use it in the kitchen, and it's easy to store. It's quick to set up too, and feels nice and stable despite its diminutive size. You don't need to plug it in, either (resistance is provide by a magnetic brake that you can adjust manually) and it's surprisingly quiet.

My colleagues on Cycling Weekly gave it four stars out of five, with their main criticism being the price, but with this deal that's no longer an issue.

If you're not in the UK, here are today's best Garmin Tacx deals where you are.

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