OneWheel launches new board designed for serious off-roading on MTB trails

Onewheel GT S-Series Rally Edition.
(Image credit: Future Motion)

Stand aside e-bikes. There’s more than one way to bring some power-assisted, fat-wheeled action to the trails. And you don’t even need two wheels.

Nope, the e-unicycle hasn’t arrived. We’re talking electric boards, which are basically one-wheel skateboards. 

And while they’re nothing new, leading electric board brand Future Motion has just released a new model in its Onewheel line that specially designed for the kind of rugged terrain beloved of MTB and e-MTB riders.

Welcome to the Onewheel GT S-Series Rally Edition.

The brand is calling the Rally Edition its most advanced yet, and it certainly has some power behind it. Developed in collaboration with the Onewheel Factory Pro Team, the Rally Edition is designed to tackle mountain bike and single-track trails.

It boasts an innovation that the brand is calling Recurve Rails. These are asymmetrical, curved rails aim to improve control and leverage, with additional clearance for rugged terrain and steep gradients, the brand say. 

Other specs include a factory-upgraded six-inch motor hub for vibration dampening and tougher tires than previous models in the range. Future Motion calls the Rally Edition the “ultimate off-road setup”.

The Onewheel GT S-Series Rally Edition is available to buy now from the brand’s website for $3,500. A head’s up: when you click on that link it takes you through to the general page for the range, and you need to click on button for the Rally Edition –if you look carefully at the image, it does change very slightly.