Graphic video shows bull goring beach tourist who ignored desperate warnings

Bull attacks tourist on Mexican beach
(Image credit: CBS News)

This could have ended horribly, but rest assured if it had, we wouldn’t have posted it. So with an unapologetic spoiler we can assure you the woman at center of this video does walk away from the encounter, though not unshaken.

And she really only has herself to blame. 

Because even if you accept that she’s stupid enough to approach a bull.  And stupid enough to ignore the people pleading with the get away from the bull. She reaches a whole new level of stupid when the bull gives her a warning charge… but she goes back for more. Can she not see the those horns? She seriously needs some tips on wildlife encounter safety.

The incident happened on a beach in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur last weekend, and CBS News posted the wince-inducing video. Quite what the bull is doing on the beach is unclear, but even less clear is what the hell is in those bags the bull takes an interest in that’s worth risking your life for?

The bull actually seems unusually tolerant of the woman, and the warning charge was positively polite as far as bulls go. But when she simply will not read the room he finally lets loose…

And the goring looks like it’s going to end horribly. 

But finally the woman listens to advice, shows submission and the bull backs off. That she manages to walk away from the encounter is staggering. Was the bull pulling its punches? She was certainly unbelievably lucky.