Lost Massachusetts hiker rescued after hours stranded waist-deep in swamp

Swamp, Massachusetts, USA
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A hiker lost in the backcountry near Tully Mountain, Massachusetts, has been rescued after hours stranded waist-deep in a swamp.

Emergency services received a call at around 11am on Saturday, March 25, and assembled a team to find the missing woman. Local news site Mass Live reports that the area is notorious for its poor radio reception, so responders brought in a fire truck with its own signal repeater to ensure they'd be able to stay in contact.

Tully Mountain itself is a popular destination for hikers, with a short but tricky trail to the summit that can be particularly challenging after wet weather has made the rock slippery.

The crew set up a base at the foot of the mountain, and began searching the general area where they believed the woman had become lost. After an hour and a half, they found her in a swamp, where she had become stranded in waist-deep water that she had tried to cut across.

"The hiker was retrieved and got a ride out of the woods by our UTV , and denied any injuries shortly there after," said Orange Fire Rescue EMS in a statement.

"Reminder- if you are lost, or think you are lost, stay in one spot contact 911, and await responders, fortunately this happened middle of the day, and not in the evening or night time hours."

Staying safe alone

Hiking solo can be a great way to relax and feel reconnected with nature, but there are some important safety precautions to bear in mind. Always let someone else know where you are going, what route you're taking, and when you expect to be back so that they can alert emergency services if you're late.

Always stick to your planned route rather than taking detours or trying to find a shortcut, and if the terrain or weather conditions aren't what you'd expected, don't hesitate to turn around and head back.

For more advice, see our guide hiking alone: risks, benefits and top tips.

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