This high-tech duffel is made from the “world’s strongest and lightest” fiber – and has a price tag to match

norda Toolbox duffel bag and backpack
(Image credit: norda)

Canadian brand Norda has launched what could lay claim to be the world’s strongest and lightest duffel bag / backpack, but what is weighty is the price: $595/£540.

The norda Toolbox is made entirely from Bio-Dyneema, the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, which was also the material used to make the company’s game-changing Norda 001 trail running shoes launched in 2021.


Bio-based Dyneema fiber is the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber. It offers the same exact performance characteristics as conventional Dyneema while boasting a carbon footprint that’s 90% lower than generic HMPE fibers. It is allegedly 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight.

The Norda Toolbox is the brand’s first step into sports equipment rather than clothing, and it’s a premium product in every way. So what do you get for half a grand of bag?

For a start, it can swap between being a duffel bag and a backpack. In either configuration, it has a decent capacity of 70L. It also has a whistle and comes with its own stuff sack, because when not in use it can cinch down quite considerably.

With a single strap option, the bag can be buckled in diagonally for it to be carried crossbody as well. The interior features a non-woven ultralight fabric and a highly breathable layer which allows items in the Toolbox to breathe.

Oddly, however, for a product that’s using its light weight as a selling point, Norda has not revealed any details of how much the bag actually weighs. It should be super rugged though.

The The Norda Toolbox is available to purchase at, but it’s only being released in a limited run for the moment.

norda Toolbox duffel bag and backpack

Inside the 70L Norda Toolbox and the stuff sack (Image credit: norda)