Strava launches new Family Plan so you can share a premium subscription and save 50%

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Like the idea of a Strava Premium subscription, but can't quite justify the expense? Good news - there's now a Strava Family Plan option that lets a group of four athletes share a subscription at a steeply discounted rate. 

Despite the name, the other athletes in your group don't have to be relatives, or live in the same household - they can also be your friends, teammates, or anyone else you want to join in. The only limitations are that all members must live in the same country, and must not already be subscribers. 

Once signed up, each member will get access to premium features like detailed workout insights, group challenges for motivation, the ability to set goals and track your progress towards them, and perhaps most importantly for outdoor enthusiasts, the ability to make and share your own routes.

Strava lets you create routes for  running, riding, walking, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and gravel biking, and gives you the option to follow a route from one waypoint to the other, or choose your own course. If you've chosen a dirt activity, the route creator will automatically favor off-road routes.

You can also use global heatmaps to see commonly used routes near you, and Strava will soon offer the ability to toggle between night and daytime heatmaps so you can plan accordingly and keep yourself safe by avoiding paths and roads that may be unit or isolated after dark.

A Strava Family Plan costs $139.99/£99.99 per year, which works out 56% cheaper than each person buying their own individual subscription for members in the US, or 50% cheaper for members in the UK.

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