Watch "badass" stray dog join skier for an epic mountain adventure

 Skier Colter Hinchliffe finds a badass dog buddy for Georgian ski trip
(Image credit: Colter Hinchliffe / Instagram)

Some dogs just won’t take no for an answer, as skier Colter Hinchliffe found out when he was joined on a backcountry ski through the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia by a very determined stray. 

He didn’t encourage the dog, In fact, at the start of this video, Hinchliffe is actively trying to lose the mutt, a stray that followed him from the nearby town of Ushguli. But this hound is relentless. Like a Terminator. It just kept on coming.

It eventually wins Hinchliffe over. By the end of the journey he’s proudly calling it a badass, and he even gives the pooch a lift for a bit of downhill action at one point. (Worse language is used in the clip and it’s amusingly poorly bleeped out – we thought we’d warn you just in case that kind of thing offends.)

It seems an awful lot of effort to go to just for a few meat treats, but who knows what goes on in the canine brain? Perhaps he likes a human ski lift once in a while just for the fun of it. 

“Truth be told I was happy to have a buddy,” admitted Hinchliffe. “I was just concerned for his ability to complete the long tour I had in mind. I didn’t feed him until we were stuck in the valley, committed. I didn’t feed him until then as to not encourage him to follow me. I fed him once we were committed to keep him going! He deserved it!”

Apparently, dogs in the area joining skiers on adventures is not uncommon in the area. Maybe they should mention it in their tourist brochures to lure dog loving skiers to the region.

“I already miss my buddy and hope he’s enjoying a new adventure with another lucky skier,” Hinchliffe signs off.