The Lap trail running race is not epic or brutal

the lap
The Lap is aimed at all trail runners (Image credit: James Kirby)

An ultra running event in the Lake District is shying away from words such as “brutal”, “savage” and “epic”. 

Instead, Davy Newell, the organiser of The Lap, wants to encourage people to take part in a beautiful, sign-posted and inclusive run.

He says: “The Lap is a beautiful 47-mile, fully signposted event on some of the most stunning and runnable trails in the UK.

“Why go all macho? Our approach is to be much more inclusive.”

the lap race

The Lap organiser is keen to encourage all runners to try an ultra race (Image credit: James Kirby)

What is The Lap?

The Lap, which is supported by Dynafit,  was created two years ago to provide a gateway for runners and walkers to step up to ultra-distance events. 

It circumnavigates England’s largest lake of Windermere via its surrounding hills, taking in all the best viewpoints. Ultra running participants have 24 hours to finish.

Davy says: “We never talk about how hard it is. It’s all about the trail and the views, without the need to worry about navigation, time limits, or exposure to bad weather. 

“Oh, and the quality of the food is really important - we have five fully stocked feed stations and it’s properly good stuff.”

the lap event

The Lap can be as competitive as you want it to be (Image credit: James Kirby)

A competitive race, too

The LapTrail Race is still competitive for some and many top runners take part. The course records are Tom Booth in 7:35:46 (men’s) and Cass Chisholm 9:03:58 (women’s). The Lap is also a UTMB qualifier. 

The event went ahead last year and this year’s two editions – in May and September – are expected to sell out. There are still entry places for the September edition. 

Fiona Russell
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