Trio of tiny bear cubs caught frolicking on camera by Lake Tahoe

Three black bear cubs climbing tree
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Springtime means baby animals, and one wildlife lover near Lake Tahoe has captured three particularly cute black bear cubs frolicking on a trail camera. In the clip, which you can watch below, the trio can be seen frolicking among pinecones, grooming and wrestling. Their mother briefly wanders into frame, proving she's keeping a close eye on her young.

Tahoe Toogee, whose Instagram account is packed with stills and videos from the area, has set up various cameras in the South Lake Tahoe area to give followers an insight into the local wildlife – particularly the urbanized black bear population.

The footage was recorded last month, when the cubs were around 11 months old. Conservation organization Keep Tahoe Bears Wild explains that female black bears typically breed every other year, and give birth to litters of between one and four cubs. They typically emerge from the den around April, after which they follow their mother to learn how to hunt, forage, and avoid danger.

"Cubs den with their mothers the following winter, says they have their first birthday and become yearlings," the organization explains. "A few months after emerging from the second-year den, yearlings disperse from their mothers and begin their independent lives."

It's well worth browsing the rest of Tahoe Toogee's account, if you have time. Other recent highlights include videos from a coyote birthing den, and a playful but enthusiastic wrestling match between two young adult male black bears.

Tahoe bear safety

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises Tahoe visitors that black bear attacks are very rare, but usually happen when a human gets between a mother and her cubs, or disturbs a bear while it is foraging.

"The best defense against a bear attack is prevention," says the USDA. "Humans in bear country – especially during dusk or dark light – are encouraged to make noise, especially by talking or singing, to alert bears of their presence. Carrying and knowing how to use bear pepper spray could also save your life if a bear charges. "

For more advice, see our guides what to do if you meet a bear and wildlife safety: eight tips for unexpected encounters.

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