Watch brown bear cubs take a (harmless) tumble over falls while fishing

Mother bear and three cubs
(Image credit: Getty)

A wildlife livestream camera has captured the moment a trio of brown bear cubs were swept down a waterfall while honing their fishing skills, to the seeming frustration of their long-suffering mother. 

The three young bears were unharmed after losing their footing in the fast-flowing waters of Brooks River at Katmai National Park in Alaska. Each year, park officials set up cameras to capture the bears' activities as they wake from hibernation and begin hunting for salmon as the fish migrate to their spawning grounds upstream.

One small cub can be seen losing its footing on the wet rocks while its mother is searching for sockeye. Two siblings follow suit, and the mother bounds to the bottom of the falls to find all three safe and well, having paddled to a shallower area. You can see the action in the video below:

Every year, broadcasts a livestream from Katmai, where you can watch the bears building up their fat stores after their long hibernation. Later in the year, you'll be able to cast your vote for the bear that's built up the most bulk in the park's annual Fat Bear Week.

A tubby bear stands a better chance of making it through the winner, and the animal that gorges itself most successfully will be awarded a place in Katmai's Hall of Champions.

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