Watch clueless Yellowstone tourist breaking three park rules at once

Old Failthful geyser eruption at Yellowstone National Park
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A tourist was recorded at Yellowstone National Park breaking three rules at once by cycling on a boardwalk, bringing their dog on a boardwalk, and having the dog in one of the park's thermal areas.

The clip, which was recorded by Instagram user Brandon Kroze, shows two people riding bikes at the Upper Geyser Basin, which is home to five of the park's largest geysers including Old Faithful. One of the pair has a dog leashed on a piece of rope.

Although you can bring a pet to Yellowstone, there are strict rules about where you can take it. To keep your dog and park wildlife safe, you must keep it inside your car (with proper ventilation and temperature control), at a frontcountry camping site or cabin, or within 100ft of roads and parking lots. Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6ft, and you must clean up their waste, food, and water bowls. 

Dogs are not allowed on trails or boardwalks, trails, or the backcountry at Yellowstone, which limits your options for exploring. However, not all US National Parks have such strict rules – see our guide to the best National Parks for dogs for some better places to visit with your four-legged friend.

There are also dog-friendly trails that you can hike just outside Yellowstone, including scenic routes in Shoshone National Forest.

Bikes (including e-bikes are allowed at Yellowstone on established public roads, parking areas, and designated routes. They are prohibited on backcountry routes, boardwalks, and oversnow routes.

If you'd like to explore the park by bike (sticking to permitted routes), you can hire one at Yellowstone National Park Lodges. However, the National Park Service advises cyclists to take extreme caution on public roads, as the narrow, winding roads often offer poor visibility and there are no segregated bike paths.

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